Saturday, 12 July 2008

Happy Paws bounce back

Days of apathy and anemia are long gone. Maleni is back to his usual 'higglety-pigglety' self, it's so good to see his 'wild spirit' back. He had a week of 'controlled rest' period to restore his youthful energy and he couldn't wait to run free through the backyard and do a little sprinkle here and there and alter any territorial changes Bobby might have made while he was recuperating. He wishes to thank all of you for the support and is aware of the fact how lucky he was to get away with such a serious illness with no significant consequences, unlike his other furry friends who have been suffering for weeks.

... eating apples with Nera ...

2 komentari:

gintoino said...

Glad to ear everything went well with him. Its always so stressful to have one of our animals sick.

West Coast Island Gardener said...

What a scare. Lyme's disease is controversial here, too. Humans get it as well and Doctors don't diagnose it until too late. Many Doctors and Vets are relunctant to recgonize it is here. One feels so responsible and to blame for our furry little darlings getting sick. Your little wonderdog is soooo lucky to be living in the paradise you have made and no doubt has awesome powers because of it to bounce back with gusto.

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