Monday, 17 March 2008

Beautiful gardens: CANAL GARDENS, LEEDS (part 1)

I'm trying not to think about the horrible event of the weekend, I spent the whole day renewing and fixing my lawn and trying to rest my mind of all the sad thoughts. Crawling around my garden with the camera wasn't an option either nor would it bring any delight. However, I've got some great memories and photos I would like to share as it is a place definitely worth a mention and just gazing at them photos makes me  sing ' I feel stunning,and entrancing, feel like running and dancing for joy......
A few years ago, whilse walking through the Roundhay Park in Leeds, UK, a signpost over the road attracted my attention. Canal Gardens! Wasn't that hard as anything with the word 'garden' attracts my attention instantly. I was totally oblivious of the fact that behind that signpost stood one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen;  not hard to imagine, as England is well known for its beautiful, distinguished, and well-cared for gardens.

It is such a pleasure to find this green oasis which instantly makes anyone feel as if entering another, magical world. The whole park contains lakes , rolling green fields , woodland and an old manor house part of which has been converted into a cafe. Near to the entrance to the indoor stunning part of Canal gardens and the Tropical house , there are beautiful, formal beds and borders. The lakes are home to the black swans from Australia along with the more common mallards and coots . The former 19th century kitchen, fruit and ornamental gardens belonged to the Nicholson family and were once separated from the main grounds only by a pathway.

Colourful herbaceous borders flank the garden walls, which also provide shelter and support for many other plants such as Cytisus Battandieri, varieties of Wisteria, Garrya, Forsythia, Hedera, together with Quince, Magnolia Grandiflora and vanilla scented Azara Microphylla.
Inside the Tropical garden, the temperature rarely falls below 70 degrees F and tropical butterflies which would perish within half an hour outdoors fly happily from palm tree to palm tree . Streams and mini waterfalls cascade throughout the building creating an even more humid and damp atmosphere.Damselflies and exotic birds add to the unique feeling this place has.

It's a wonderful, tranquil spot for sitting in quiet contemplation.

Exactly for that same reason, for years this municipal style rose garden, remained highly popular with the public as a place for quiet relaxation.

4 komentari:

Layanee said...

Hi there, I just found you on Blotanical! I share your sense of hopelessness concerning the cruel, lack of humanity of some people! There is evil in the world but so much more good! Your garden pictures help to soothe the soul!

gintoino said...

Wonderful garden pictures! It's hard not to think about what you wrote yesterday, but when faced with so much beauty we can forguet all the eavil in the world (if only for a couple of minutes)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I saw gorgeous canal gardens like that when I was last in Britain (Stratford upon Avon). Thanks for sharing these lovely pics!

salma hayek said...

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