Tuesday, 11 March 2008


a few lines by James Gorman to better understand my garden crew members...

"Cats are the ultimate narcissists. You can tell this by all the time they spend on personal grooming. Dogs aren't like this. A dog's idea of personal grooming is to roll in a dead fish."
Kristy 'the fashion cat'As you all may guess by my lethargic pose, I'm a rather lazy cat, I like a little lay down now and then, just gazing into nowhere (and planing another mischievous deed). I was born almost 3 years ago, on a nice summer day sometime in June , alongside my sister Krusty. Our mummy used to be a stray cat until she met my dad, a well groomed gentleman, who took her to his garden which was to become their new home. Since she was in a bad shape, and probably due to her calcium insufficiency, I was born with a slightly lame paw. That never discouraged me to use the drapes while climbing my way 'to the top'. I used to take many calcium pills in order to strengthen my bones. I've grown into a Miss Pudgy Misdemeanor and what's left of my lame paw today is that irresistible charm in the way I walk and swing my hips. I love to laze about in the garden or lurk the birdies and moles. Sometimes I visit my neighbour's yard for a treat, or her old garage looking for mice or rodents to take home and leave on the bed just to let the folks know I care. But my owners don't approve of me going further away 'cause it involves crossing the dangerous road. Hm...I have enormous patience, with the limitations of the human kind. I believe I have found my place in the sun. It's somewhere on top of that nice pile of warm, soft, clean laundry.

Krusty 'the action cat'Hi all. I'm the wild half of the cheeky Kristy& Krusty duo. I wasn't as cuddly at a young age as my wise sister was. I resembled a tiny, furious lynx when my protocol wasn't respected. I'm definitely not as lazy as my sis, which is evident through my fine figure and fitness. When I was younger, I thought my mission was to make my mark in the world, so I sprayed the corners. But then one day a malicious, old cat decided to teach me a lesson as in where to spray and where not to spray. Although she was an intruder to my garden, she didn't seem to share my point of view. My nose and mouth were injured badly. I took a refuge in back garden while my owner spent all day searching for me. As I was in a state of shock and started feeling worse, I decided to seek some help. Late in the night they found me on the doorstep gasping for air, took me in, washed away the dried blood off my nose (or what was left of it), and then I realized I wasn't hurt as badly as I thought. I quickly recovered and became the cuddliest cat ever, and for the first time I realized what my sis meant by saying you should never sleep alone when you can sleep on someone's face. In our 1st year of life we lost both our parents, and the owner's oldest dog, motherly Nera, took good care of us. That's where you see how dogs believe they are human, while cats believe and know they are God. So all of our canine dwellers soon learned that cats will do as they please while dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Life is hard, then you nap
Since I was a kitten my favourite sleeping spot were and are the flower pots, any size including the cacti which I like to chew on frequently.

While my sis sleeps throughout most of her days, I like to lurk about the garden. Butterflies are my favourite toys. Or wait, is it the dogs? I love to apply claws to their soft skin just the moment they thought they gained respect by scratching my back. Nonsense. Our mummy taught us never to trust people so we always stay away from strangers.

7 komentari:

Melanie said...

Krusty, I'm glad you're feeling well enough to post. My wonder-doodle Calie would love to play with the two of you. Then again, you might not want to play with her. such is life.

Viooltje said...

Me thinks it could work out especially with the 'Silence is golden' idea. You know, in Our house, dogs drool and we (cats) rule ;-) But I believe my doggy friends would love to play with her, that's for sure.

GardenJoy4Me said...

I love seeing another cat-addict tell their stories on their blogs !
Dog people are nice .. but cat people .. well, you know .. we are purrrrrfect ? LOL
You have a beautiful blog here vioolyje ! and I am going to keep an eye on the little furball adventures so I can let Sophie know what other cats do ! haha
Thanks for faving me !
Joy & Sophie : )

Viooltje said...

True, I can't help but notice all the wonderful people behind all those garden blogs. I often say the more people I meet the more I like my dog, but that goes for all those ignorant individuals and animal-haters. That's why it's so great to meet all those genuine humans and nature lovers (and who better than gardeners) which this world lacks more and more everyday. It's good to know there's still some of us out there, and that cheeky little furballs like Sophie & the rest have guarding angels to look after them.

Vanillalotus said...

What beautiful cats. I love how animals all have their own personalities and special roles in our lives.

Marie said...

Beautiful cats! I like your blog a lot!

sisah said...

Yes, you are right, cats can rule the house and one can´t resist them. We only had our first cat because my little son persuaded us to have one, my husband and me prefered dogs. I changed my mind though, our Dooley is such a charming thing even our dogs couldn´t resist him nor my husband, who used to dislike cats.
Krusty looks a bit like a cheeky one, you can see the beast in his eyes!
Beautiful photos you made of your cats!
I´ll have look round now in your "garden" and will read in your older postings!

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