Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Happy Paws are bedridden


We've had quite a scare! Yesterday afternoon I noticed something was wrong with my dearest happy paws,
Maleni. All of a sudden, he just refused to eat and was lethargic, actually quite lethargic for a dog of his wild temper and energy. He seemed so sad all afternoon but then we went for a walk and he was his usual fidgety self. So this morning we went to see his vet and the worst of my fears have been confirmed: Babesiosis. I suspected that when I realized he's got a bad fever and his gum was all pale. Although he's got all possible tick protection including Frontline and sprays, and never leaves his yard (unless we go for a trip or walk somewhere), and we always comb their fur into details, some of those little bastards have found their way to our garden. I've run into a few this spring and since I'm as appalled by ticks as I am by spiders, I made my dad spray the area with insecticide, as I always dreaded any of my pets getting the ' bad' one. Obviously all the good ones (butterflies, bees, wasps) have been affected by the deadly spraying but the bastards have survived. And as our vet says, there's no reliable protection anymore as there's so many mutated types of ticks that are prone to all known repellents and remedies. We have not found any ticks on the dog but that doesn't mean he didn't have one for a certain period of time. The newest research shows that only a bite is enough for this tick-borne disease to infect your pet (as opposed to 30hours or longer of bloodsucking that was thought to be needed for the disease to be transmitted). The vet treated him with Imidocarb + Vitamin B + Antibiotic shot and said he thinks Happy Paws came right on time and should probably recover without any serious problems. I so hope he's right, I would never forgive myself for not taking him there immediately as he first refused to eat, but I thought it was 'just' another something that he ate and didn't feel well on his stomach. I believe every hour is important in fighting such a serious illness, and in a weird sort of way, I'm so glad he had all those symptoms, for some dogs are known not to develop any until it's too late. I experienced that one too.
Even though lethargic and all, Maleni was quite unpeaceful and upset during examination and it took four of us to tame the beast. After all, he is a very strong and vital dog. After a long period of apathy, later this evening he finally had enough of food strike, got up and ate (stole) all of the cat food. And then ate a full bowl of Frolics, his favorite dog treats. I saw a glimpse of new life in those pretty eyes and very soon he started walking about and even barking at distant dog sounds. I guess that Imidocarb shot really did start to work (the vet said he should be better within 24 hours). We're going to have a little rest for now, after all, it's been one hell of a long day. Happy Paws will write back soon and let you know all about his recovery process.

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gintoino said...

wow, that is not good. Its a really serious disease. Good that he is recovering. Best wishes from the dogs at Jardim dos gatos ;-)

Brenda Kula said...

Oh Violet, thank goodness he's all right. I'm like you, would blame myself though there's absolutely no reason to do so! After all, you can't read his mind! But my furbabies are my babies, and I would jump through hoops of fire for them! Keep us updated.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Viooltje, I'm glad your sweet doggy is feeling better now because this disease is not a laughing matter. :-(

BTW Frontline is not working as it used to do anymore so you are better of with another brand like stronghold or advocate or advantage.

I hope all will be well with your dog soon!

Viooltje said...

Happy Paws wishes to thank you for all those good thoughts and wishes. He just dropped by to say he's almost back to his usual cheeky self and the vet said no more Imizol treatment is needed (so no more liver and kidney poisoning) because he came on time and illness didn't do any serious damage to his blood. He's a strong one and I'm surprised how well he went through it all. Our other dog had the same thing once but he could barely walk the whole week, we had to carry him out to go for a pee. We have tried all the other protection before or along with Frontline, except Advocate which we bought today and it's rarely used here so the little buggers might have not become resistant to it yet.

VP said...

Hi Violtje,

Oh dear - I do hope your dog gets better soon.

Our choir's been on the radio lately! Today's broadcast (Friday 4th July) includes some Plovi Barko. I've put a link to the radio's playback facility if you'd like to hear us over on Veg Plotting. It should work until early Monday.

Have a good weekend - hope you're enjoying some Mediterranean sunshine :)

VP said...

Hi Viooltje - me again!

I've put a link to you in the post and the radio programme will be there until sometime next Friday.

Do give Happy Paws a big hug from me!

Katarina i Kullavik said...

How awful - I h ate those ticks. Unfortunately we've got loads of them and i just got myself a puppy! She's 10 weeks old and a cutie! - I will have to serch her fur even more closely.
I'm glad you got your dog to the vets in time!

garden girl said...

Oh, poor baby! I'm so glad he's doing better.

I had a tick on me in the spring. I'm relieved I didn't get sick.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. I'm so sorry about Happy Paws being ill from those damn ticks .. I understand how you have felt .. the last two years here with loosing two precious little souls really packs a punch to your gut. I'm very glad he is feeling better and eating .. here I am trying to get Emma to gain some weight before her spay operation. There is Sophie too heavy now. If it isn't one thing it is another and it can really drain us because it strikes us right through our hearts with our little loves.
Fingers crossed for you and your little ones that they feel better and are back to their old selves ? LOL .. barking or not ?
Take care !

Niels Plougmann said...

I sure hope he will not get any long term effects of this infection. I hate ticks! I have seen people come to look like stroke victims because of borelliosis.

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