Thursday, 17 April 2008

Garden center ...

More nursery tours : adding fuel to the flames !

Today (again), I took a 'cool-headed' stroll through my fave nursery. I know obsessions can come in many forms, but what about an obsessed gardener? I also know that all of you gardeners out there are obsessed in varying degrees. So let me ask you the following...

Do you travel to the nursery twice a week, not caring of any commitments you may leave behind? Do you drive back home continually and intentionally being stabbed by the evil plant you just managed to cram in behind your back? Is there a greenery galore blocking your review mirror? Can you no longer get your car into your garage due to all of the gardening tools? Do you think of getting a miner's light so you can dig about the garden or pull some more weeds at night? Is your fridge full of seeds and bulbs awaiting cold stratification? Do you enjoy playing in the dirt more now than you have done as a child? Do you refuse to tell anybody, including yourself, precisely how much 'mint' you spent on plants? Do you stay out until it's absolutely pitch dark and your family urges you to come in or they will lock the door and leave you be? Erm, do you sit up half the night on the WorldWideWeb reading about gardening? And finally, when getting a haircut, do you label it as 'pruning'?

'' An addiction to gardening is not at all that bad,
when you consider all the other choices in life. ''

Some of the plants I got this week are my first-timers so if you got any under-the-counter advice of your own, DO TELL!The photos are not the best quality as they were taken with my mobile phone.

So after all is said and done, one final thought...

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zvrk said...

Ima i ja neke znakove ovisnosti, ali sa klincem se prioriteti mijenjaju pa je vrt na drugom mjestu dok je Zvrk budan.

garden girl said...

I'm eyeing a brunera called Jack Frost at the nursery where I work.

I'm at a nursery at least 3, sometimes 4 days a week. There is temptation at every turn. I could easy spend my entire paycheck on plants. I have a compact car, and am always surprised at how many plants I can cram into it.

Rosebay said...

It is always enjoyable this time of year to visit garden nurseries.

Here is a pictorial tour of Rhododendrons that do well in zone 5 southern New Hampshire in the United States.


Click next to go to the next iamge.
Click index to see the list of images.
Click tour to see other tours.

gintoino said...

I go to garden centers 2-3 times a week. As I'm very focoused on drought tolerant plants the choice is a lot smaller, so I end up not buying as many plants as I would like. Otherwhise I would spend most of my pay check in plants...

Brenda Kula said...

My hairdresser says I'm the easiest haircut she gives, cause I'm so blase about it. She just snips it short, I refuse the shampoo (cause I like to do my own), and hair drying, and out the door I go plus she gets a good tip! So I suppose you could easily call my haircut a "pruning!" It's just that I care so little about such things. I want to get home and into my garden. I do find myself out in the dark. My place is pretty well lit up outside, though. I find myself digging around in the pond in the dark to adjust some pump or something. No other place I'd rather be. So I'm as addicted to it all as you are. And I can't pass a garden nursery without stopping! Oh, I almost forgot. My pond looks much better now. I think the algae is letting up.

Viooltje said...

@ zvrk: pa vidi se po tvom vrtu da imas znakove ovisnosti ;-) zato i je tako prekrasan

@ garden girl: sounds familiar, as if visiting one is not enough, I can't help visiting all the rest in the area too; I genuinely hate shopping for food and stuff so if the place doesn't have a garden section, I put it down in my little black book of places not to visit ever again lol

@ rosebay: yes it is, as far as I'm concerned not even winter time can keep me away from nurseries; thank you for that great link on Rhododendrons

@ gintoino: good, I always thought I was losing my mind 'cos I can't stay away from nurseries for more than a few days; people at my fave nursery already think I'm working there ;-) Just thinking of plants in your garden, that beautiful Echium always springs to mind

@ brenda: lol, you always make me grin like a Cheshire cat; well in my humble opinion, I wish more people were like you (so warm-hearted and down to Earth); I learned at a very young age not to judge people by their appearance or the way they were 'pruned' in this case, but many a person realizes all that when it's a bit too late; I also have the urge to go about my garden in pitch dark, but one thing always stops me - arachnophobia; good for your pond, my still looks alien-green

kate smudges said...

I like to stay out until it's really dark to work in the garden. It's my favourite time of the day for gardening.

Erinus alpinus is so pretty!

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