Saturday, 15 March 2008


The neat and compact forms of Hebe (previously known as Evergreen Veronicas and still referred to as such) are very useful garden plants. So many splendid varieties yet I have never really had much luck with them. Most of my Hebes always ended up as badly winter damaged and cutting back to old wood never seemed to help them recover their beautiful, shiny evergreen leaves. Perhaps I never took enough care to protect them from humidity and low temperatures that they resent so much. Out of my hardiness zone, I thought. Until I encountered Hebe albicans. I planted it next to my recently praised Choisya on one side and another variegated hebe (Speciosa) on the other side. The state of the variegated one today gives me the hebe jeebies for it is a bundle of some old, cold-burnt wood, waiting for the Hebe fairy to fly by and sprinkle on some new shoots. On the other hand, Hebe albicans didn't and doesn't seem to mind nor the low temperatures nor the cold winds nor the dog paws or any other inadequate behaviour. It is definitely fully hardy to -10°C.

Its nursery ID says the following:
  • A hardy, compact evergreen shrub with attractive grey-green foliage forming a flat toped spreading bush. Produces masses of white flowers with prominent purple anthers during Summer. A reliable and colourful addition to mixed-shrub borders, rockeries and containers.Thrives in moist, well-drained soil in a sunny or lightly shaded position.
  • Tolerates wind and frost once established. Prune after flowering to maintain bushy growth and encourage blooms for the next season. Fertilise annually in early Spring with a complete fertiliser. Disease resistant.
  • Height: 60cm.
  • Width: 1m.
  • Planting Conditions: Full sun/part shade; wind tolerant.
  • Watering Conditions: Well-drained soil.
So if you are at a higher elevation or in a colder climate zone, this is the Hebe variety you may want to try growing.

2 komentari:

Anonymous said...

hvala na posjeti :) Uvijek mi je drago upoznati ljude koji razmišljaju i rade kao ja. Za dobru fotografiju ako treba i ležim i visim sa grane pa nema poze koju nebi napravila :))Pozdrav do tipkanja

Ksenija said...

Da, zaboravila sam. Imaš i ti lijepih slikica, pregledala sam tvoj blog sa uživanjem :)

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