Thursday, 20 March 2008

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”

To begin with, thank you all for 1000 visits!

I have also added some videos of my garden to the sidebar.

March 17: Some sky watching ..

and some rather hot spring weather.

March 18: Today 'just' some snow and 20°C less than the day before

March 19: the night brought some bad frost so we spent it powering up heaters, setting up bonfires and 'flying' among the apricot trees on our gossamer wings like some giant white moths (my favourite type of frost protection). The thing is that for a while now, it seemed like winter was long gone, and it encouraged all the foolish enough apricot trees ( I never did understand what's all the rush with their bloom time, they are among the first fruit trees to bloom in the spring and because of this they are susceptible to spring frost damage) to put on their magnificent bloom show, but all of a sudden after a week of atypical summery weather the winter was back and Mr Frost delivered some bad news. Later on the day turned out to be quite warm so apricot and some other fruit trees were sprayed in order to prevent brown rot and coryneum blight.

March 20: another sunny but unpleasantly cold day, and the weatherman said: More snow tomorrow; the only pleasure I find in all this continual exchange of unusually warm weather with some pretty bad winter chills is that the chills still keep the slugs away from my tender bulb seedlings and some of the sensitive perennials that usually end up all crippled up at this time of the year.

The clouds, the only birds that never sleep.
V. Hugo

Now as the ingenious Oscar Wilde once said : '' Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative'' ... True, these brisk and sudden weather changes do leave me uncomfortably numb in my head, and remarkably ill-tempered, not to mention the horrendous headaches... I know many people have the same bioclimate issues. But I wonder, what about the fellow-gardeners?
Photo of the day

Sneaky, sneaky
What is that little clump of fur, eyeing you up from an old hanging basket? Since kitten age Kristy enjoys sleeping in all sorts of flower pots, in all the weirdest places and positions, so this is just being her usual cheeky self.

3 komentari:

Pollydot said...

What a beautiful mixture of items you have on your blog. Delightful!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

20 degrees C less in one day? I can relate to that as we have such extreme weather changes here too.

Yup, I worry about global warming, especially as I garden on a bit of land that is already several meters below sea level. And as a gardener it is hard to miss the kind of whacky weather we've been having these last 10 years or so.

Happy Easter!

garden girl said...

your photos are brilliant. I hope the cold keeps the slugs away from your lovely garden!

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