Thursday, 12 June 2008

Cherry pickin' time !

Sweet and sour cherry trees, alongside plum trees, are the most frequent fruit trees in my garden. One of them, an over 50-yrs old cherry tree is also the biggest tree in the garden. Even though it's too high to be harvested, it presents a continuous tree of delights for all sorts of birdies all through the late spring. The spring blossom of that one does the trick for me. Some neighbours suggested we should take it down and use the space 'more wisely'. More asphalt-wisely! I guess they have never eaten a homemade cherry pie! Even without the fruit, this remarkable tree is just priceless.
Then there's also sour cherries. I guess planting those was even less prudent, according to the same wisemen. I guess they don't like cherry syrup either.

Picking cherries was my favourite garden activity ever since I was able to climb ladders and falling over was just as fun. Not!

Anyway, would you ever trade this for a bucket of asphalt?

1 komentari:

Brenda Kula said...

No, I would most certainly not! Those cherries look so pretty they remind me of those perfect fake ones!

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