Thursday, 10 April 2008

Whoopsy daisy!

I'm flabbergasted. The lovely
Linda from Garden girl blog really does have a pick on me. In the aftermath of the recent tagging plagues which I have barely recovered from, she somehow decided to strike upon me again... Honestly though, what better news than visiting one of your favourite blogs ONLY to find out it has rated your blog ''E'' for excellent. I'm glad it was you again Linda, I'm honoured, and you seem to be very good in this tagging and awarding thingie, you always seem to pick just the right people. Lol. I will put this up on the virtual mantelpiece for everyone to enjoy & covet. And as a sign of my appreciation and just for that, this one is for you:

My obligation is to pass the award on to another 10 blogs, and in abundance of so many wonderful blogs I encountered, that should present no significant problem...

GardenJoy4Me: well guess what Joy, reading your blog is joy4all of us too. There's always some interesting story or cute photo to admire at, and a daily dose of Joy's own brand of humor. What I appreciate most is that Joy finds joy in simple things in life, which she presents in an extraordinary and interesting way, and also she's the living proof that gardeners are a special type of people. Her love & care towards her little furry children is something to be admired at. Pretty much one of the first blogs I click on while touring around the lovely world of garden blogs. I believe this blog must have got these kind of awards in the past, so if you got this one, I'll still give you an E for Eenspiring.
I pass the award on to WeedWhackin'Wenches: a tour of their lovely garden and blog but also their wicked humor is something you'll be coming back for more. Curmudgeon and Wing Nut are always on about something fresh and full of useful and interesting garden advice. I give them an E for Excellent but mind you, it didn't take an award to make that apparent. Then there's the Brenda blog: I give her an E both for Excellent and Essential. Because she's also twisted hilarious and there's much more to her blogging than just gardening. She shared so many both wonderful and sad stories and pieces of herself and has written them in such a way that it has touched the hearts of many people. A truly inspiring and amazing woman we should all learn from.
I move on to
HundeHaus: nestled in the beautiful southwest mountains of British Columbia, she sends out eye-catching photos and stories about nature's amazing wilderness she roams about with her beloved canine friends. I discovered it some time ago but could not stop reading back and it was for the 1st time that somebody's deeply touching post has made me cry like a baby. I give you an E for Endemic.
Mein garten im Fliesstal: a crafty gardener from the lovely German village. Now Sisah, the owner, didn't like me tagging her, but just for that I point my finger at her again, this time to pass an award, an E for her wonderful gardening Esprit and her lovely writing and beautiful pixels. And to urge you all to drop by @ Fliesstal.

Another five Eees to pass on:
Veg Plotting: ''I'm like a swan - calm on the surface, paddling like hell underneath!'' Need I say more? An extraordinary woman that sings as well as she gardens and a stunning UK blog that makes me wanna be back in those lovely English gardens and countryside.
Plantgurus: this inspiring blog is consistently packed with good read and awesome pixels. And add to it a drop of Channel islands' unique beauty.
OldCountryGardens: Melanie's blog overwhelms me each time I visit and I'm taking a 'wild' guess someone has given her this award many times in the past, but I'm also sure I won't be the last one to do it.
Ledge&Gardens: Layanee 'maintains' both excellent blog and garden and her generously shared witty wisdom is a useful delight for all of us gardeners. To add she just had a blogiversary the other day, I hope for many more years of quality time reading her blog.
Visions of Kefalonia: my favourite oasis of everything to do with nature and Kefalonia; and Jackie there does her very best in reviving my beautiful Greek memories and making me dream on my Kefalonian dream.

Please don't mind me not giving much explanation and zest for the last five, but the weight of the headachy weather and Kristy the cat sleeping on my lap have made me bring this to an end and remove the little meatball to a place where applying claws while dreaming away the mischievous cat dreams will not be such an issue.

13 komentari:

garden girl said...

Violet, thank you for the lovely bloom!

I'm sorry about your tooth, and the migraine too. I get them too, so I can empathize.

I'm glad I saved you from feeling like a sharptooth bitch today.

Very nice post.

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, thank you! You just made my day! I've never been given an award before. Now if I can just figure out how to copy that and pass it on to ten more lovely blogs! I wanted you to know that it took me the longest time to figure out what your blog name was. You would comment on mine, and for some reason it wouldn't click through to your blog for me. But then I found you, and you're one of my very favorites. I tried to email you also, but you don't have it listed. Don't blame you. I'm the gullible one in this bunch!
XOX0 Brenda

Viooltje said...

Thank you again Linda, and not only did you save me, you saved many more around me ;-)

Brenda, you're very welcome! And I'm glad it has made your day although your blog was Excellent regardless of any 'E's. I thought all of my picks must have been awarded before, so I was surprised to find you haven't. For you definitely should have been. Yes, when I first commented on typepad it did let me save my details for the future but I have clumsily misspelled my blog address (I must have had a migraine then too, as my sight at those moments is similar to Cotton Eye Joe's and thus my spelling is daft). I was wondering what to do with the award image too, in the end I saved it to my PC and uploaded as any other image, both to my post and sidebar. I guess that should work for most. You can always e-mail to The only reason why I didn't put it in my profile is because my older e-mail addys are stuffed with certain organ enlargement offers and its sending me mental (need I mention how crappy the spam filters are). So many times I have been in the same situation of wanting to e-mail someone but because of these restless maniacs people had left it out.

Hunde Haus said...

Awww, thanks for the award sweetie! You made my day. :-))

And, coming from a true animal lover as yourself, your words about my loss of Jack were touching.

Thanks, Colleen

VP said...

Viooltje - thank you so much for the award. It's such a lovely surprise :)

I hope your migraine's getting better now - I have them occasionally, so can symapthise :(

Jackie said...

Thanks so much Violet!! What a great suprise! It's always been an inspiration to pop across to your pages and I love this blog!
Great work and thanks again!

Layanee said...

What a nice surprise! It is a pleasure to read and share blogs with so many inspired gardeners! Keep up your good work and thank you!

sisah said...

You give me headaches, too, matter what the weather is like. Thank you so much, this time I have to accept just to award your tenacity :-)
But I admit, I am very pleased. It will take some time to find 10 other blogs to pass the reward on though..

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet ! .. I have been slow catching up with things today and yesterday (Change of weather migraine too I have to admit .. hope you have good meds for yours .. my GP is a saint for giving me meds for pain .. phew !)
Gail at "Clay and Limestone" has already pegged me for this one .. and here I am with you being so darn sweet to me .. I am so slow on the uptake I haven't gotten round to doing any of this yet ..
Thank you so much : ) .. I feel like a complete fuzzbrain totally off track ( wait a minute .. maybe .. it is .. the meds ????!!!) .. Sorry .. I really am wacko this afternoon .. I appreciate your faith in me being a good soul .. It takes one to know one ! So thank you again .. I'll take two of these awards any day ! *SMILE* .. I guess I better get working on how to do this YIKES !

Viooltje said...

Colleen - you're welcome. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. Oh btw, those piglets are just adorable!

VP - I'm grateful to TOP100 gardening blogs for leading me to your lovely garden.

Jackie - need I mention your new blog is wonderful and as I was reading the 'about the author part' I was really impressed how realistically you described the island ( not that I know it from experience, but that's how I imagined the plain image of it)

Layanee - likewise and thank you

Sisah - I didn't mean to cause headaches (again), 'tenacious' is my middle name. And your free to pass it on to as little or as much blogs as you want. It's your fault actually, I couldn't possibly think of another 10 'E' blogs without mentioning yours.

Viooltje said...

Joy - Seriously though, I didn't mean to put any burdens on anyone (I'm sorry if I did), but don't blame me, blame Linda lol. She tagged me first. ;-) Like I said just before, I didn't just randomly pick those 10 blogs neither did I do it to cause more headaches (hello Sisah ;-). This E was merely a reflection of my way of telling someone that I really like reading their blogs, giggling while I read 'em, and marvel at their photography, their big hearts and memorable imprints they leave both in their and our own gardens. And dear Joy, you've got it all!

plantgurus said...

Wow, thank you so much for thinking of me...the E award is an honor, especially being a newbie. It is much appreciated, especially coming from such a wonderful photographer/blogger as yourself.

My apologies for not responding as quick as I is just that the weather has been so great, that I have been spending more time outdoors, and it is getting to be a busy season for our business.

So.....what is the tradition, this one of those tagging things? Thank you again, Viooltje!

Viooltje said...

You're very welcome. I know what you mean, the weather has taken me over too. The award is all yours, whether you want to pass it on or not, it's all up to you. Enjoy!

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