Tuesday, 29 April 2008


First of all, I apologize in advance for using my garden blog to sometimes express my humble musings on life which might not have anything to do with gardening itself. However, I'm one of those over-sensitive people who just cannot close their eyes (or mouth) in front of certain things or people they thought of as disgraceful.

(photo: Jutarnji list)

Just this morning I was driving to my lecture and traffic was diverted due to an accident. Later on I heard about a woman who was run down and killed by a huge truck in the city center. While trying to save her dog from being hit by cars, she got killed herself. Nobody deserves to die like that but unfortunately things like that happen all the time. Sometimes I feel like a real weirdo for such stories making me sad and shocked while other people chitchat about how the woman was stupid to cross the road where you're not supposed to cross, how they are sick tired of people running across the road like fools, making them have to waste their brakes and so on and so forth. Sometimes I think I might be living in the wrong century, by all means. To tell the truth, I'm also amazed at all the strange places and times people choose to run over the road carrying their children and risk both their and other peoples lives. Nevertheless, my friend was killed on the school crossroads with the green light on, ran over by a school bus. So much about the rules. The only thing I feel sorry for is that life is so fragile and so short, and sometimes we act both silly and hasty as if we didn't care about having only this one life to live. But such is fate.

Same goes for drivers, who can't wait to lean on their horn and beep away anyone crossing the road as they drive by, oblivious of the fact that their driving skills are at the same time so disastrous that they present a potential catastrophe every time they start their engines. What happened to driving culture? Does anyone remember that? People seem to forget we all make mistakes. What is the need to beep away at the poor old lady who can barely walk, cannot use an underground passage, and she is just trying to get on the other side of the crosswalk, but her pace is too slow and wow, she is making so many people waste their valuable time. How often do they forget they will also get to the end of the road one day, an old lady or not.

And now the most horrifying thing, the money-driven predators who will sell last glimpse of their humanity/morality to click away at some horrifying scenes of an accident just so their name would pop out in the breaking news article and maybe they would earn a dime as well.
Take a good look at the picture above, what is the 'fancy lady' doing?
I found this on the front page of one of our best-selling newspapers.
The headline said: '' The fancy lady and the brain leftovers''. An article about the same accident and the scenes that followed. Disgraceful. I'm not going to point out the hypocrisy of the article author himself, as he places photos like that on the front page every day. And that fancy lady is not the only one clicking away at someone's cruel fate. As there was people about practically fighting for a more shocking photo of a body crushed by heavy truck wheels. Now I'm asking you am I totally in the wrong universe or have the people gone totally unscrupulous and immune to someone's misfortune and dignity of the life itself? How can this cold-hearted lady enjoy the warm spring breeze while clicking away at someone's mutilated leftovers? Is she some bitter, complex-ridden 'journalist' or a lousy Pulitzer wannabe? What if it was someone dear to her? Would she walk off as elegantly and show off to her friends and co-workers with the wonderful 'catch' of the day? How can she possibly be so inconsiderate? I bet she regretted not taking her camera and having to zoom away with slightly poorer equipment of her mobile phone. What if it was a child and not an old woman walking her dog? Would someone care then? What if the woman was still alive and needed help? She'd probably turn her head away and walk off because she's late for work. What would 'the predator lady' think of someone clicking away at her dead body just to earn a minute of glory in the local newspaper... Does one life that ended in such tragedy not deserve AT LEAST some compassion?

(photo: Jutarnji list)

Nevertheless, some passers by actually did notice the poor little dog waiting at the side of his tragically deceased owner for more than an hour. Someone even cared about the little one and asked if the woman had any family and who will take care of the dog, but soon enough the dog was taken away by police.

I must be quite strange, for only the look at these two dissonant photos makes me utterly distressed, without the need to even read an article to the end. And yes, it makes me ashamed of being human.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. I am absolutely shocked at this. You aren't alone in feeling outraged and so sad over the tragically insane treatment of this accident. It is such a horrific thing to happen just by itself but to have the pictures taken by soulless creatures like this .. it is sickening.
I'm shaken by it all. I have been fortunate never to have come across anything as heart wrenching and disgusting as this.
You are not overly sensitive and I know this doesn't have anything to do with gardening .. it has to do with us as humanity and where are we truly going with such continuous episodes of inhumanity ?
I'm at a loss for words .. I feel for you having to be so close to this and trying to deal with it.
You are such a compassionate kind person but this causes another emotional scar to have to carry within you. I'm so sorry.
I'll be thinking of this too for some time to come.
I'm so sorry.

Owin & Irena said...

this is a sad story but not surprising to me in the least. I've worked in tv news for years where there has been a trend to encourage anyone with a camera to become part of the news team -- sort of like cnn's ireport.

hundreds if not thousands of "newsworthy" images from citizen reporters flood newsrooms and websites everyday. I don't think most people are out for glory or fame...but snapping a picture or taking video and passing it along has just become a normal part of everyday life. unfortunately, i think putting yourself between the camera and an accident scene DOES desensitize people to the tragedy they are witness to. they just don't realize it.

I've seen some terrible, heart-wrenching video that has made me cry at work. some co-workers think I can't hack it and that I need to get over it. I'd rather cry and maintain my status as a human being.

on an altogether different topic, I'm very excited to have found a garden blogger in Zagreb. My father was born in Hrvatsko Zagorje and we still have family there. So hello from Canada. Pleased to make your acquaintance.


Brenda Kula said...

Goodness, Violet, how tragic. I don't think I've ever heard of people stopping to take photos like that, so I must be truly naive. I can't imagine someone being that cruel. But then, look what's happened recently with the guy in Austria who trapped his daughter for years? I'm always amazed at such tales, sadly so.

Anonymous said...

It's awful. What has become of us that this is the kind of thing we find entertaining? I about broke into tears when I scrolled down to the photo of the poor little dog. You can just see the despair on his little face. So very, very sad.

Mo said...

I am with you. I always get so upset by things like this, much more so than many other people it seems. Thank you for posting this it is an important issue.

Viooltje said...

Thank you all for taking some time to read, empathize and comment on something far away from the easy-going garden world. Not the kind of thing you would expect on a gardening blog. Just when I though I'd seen it all, another flash of inhumanity, so sometimes it's hard not to share your disillusionment. Especially with such extraordinary people.

garden girl said...

We were talking about this very subject at work last Friday, and I mentioned your blog post. This sort of thing is very common in the USA, it's sad to think it goes on all over the world. It's so much worse now that everyone seems to have cameras on their phones. I find it disgusting that some people seem to get a thrill out of the tragedies and misfortunes of others.

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