Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Garden literature ...

I came across these lovely garden books a while ago and thought I'd share some links... really worth a download. Here are some that I thought were really good, accompanied by more shots from my rainy garden. Enjoy!

Armitage's Garden Annuals, A Color Encyclopedia
Armitage selects proven specimens from nearly 200 genera of plants and evaluates their garden worthiness and sheer beauty. With humor, authority and a wealth of practical experience, Armitage offers invaluable insights into those plants that truly earn their keep---and a few that do not! He illustrates the entries with more than 1,300 stunning color photos, rounded out by more than two dozen helpful lists of plants suitable for particular situations or uses, including plants for cool-summer areas, plants for dry situations, edible plants, container plants, shade plants, vines and flowers for cutting.
Pages: 368 (PDF)
Download here 1/2
Download here 2/2

Rock Garden Plants: A Color Encyclopedia. by Baldasarre Mineo.
To open this book is to enter the enchanting world of rock garden plants. True to its title, the book contains concise text and color photographs of more than 1,300 plants for the rock garden. The overall quality of the photographs is very good and the text, though brief, contains essential cultural information. As the owner of a retail and mail-order nursery-the well-respected Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery in Medford, Oregon-the author recognizes the importance of being able to visualize plants in a garden setting. (highly recommended)
Pages:284 (PDF)

Download here

The Cactus family
Only now, at the beginning of the new millennium, is there an up-to-date, comprehensive study of the cactus family. This long-awaited, monumental work covers the Cactaceae in an encyclopedic manner, addressing 125 genera and 1810 species. The most comprehensive single resource on the subject available today, it includes more than 1000 color photographs in addition to other illustrations. The introduction to each genus concentrates on the discovery of the cacti, and the improvements in our understanding of them, many of which result from relatively recent investigation.
Pages:776 (PDF)
Download here 1/2
Download here 2/2

8 komentari:

sisah said...

This is new to me : You can upload books?? But if I click, I have to upload the programe first ? I don´t quite understand, vioolje??

Viooltje said...

Hi Sisah, you don't have to download or upload anything. Just click on the link from the post, a 'rapidshare' site will open and you need to click on the 'free' button in the bottom right. Then you have to wait approximately 1.5 minutes and then the word verification pops up just like the one on the blogger comments form. and once you type in the word verification, the download will start automatically and you choose to save the file (to desired location). That's all. I'm sorry, I should have written that in the post, I know that many people don't even download stuff in that way. But let me just add that the books are really brilliant, and a great treat for any gardener.

zvrk said...

Tek sam sada skuzila da si mi ostavila komentar na jednom postu.
Ovo sto sam vidjela na brzinu se vidi da volis prirodu i da imas dobro oko za fotografiju. Kad nadem vremena pogledati cu mao u detalje.Pozdrav iz suncane Engleske

zvrk said...

Ako hoces mogu ti poslati neke sjemenke cvijeca iz moga vrta,mail adresa mi je na blogu.
I ja sma inace iz Zagreba ali am tamo zivjela u stanu tako da ovdje uzivam u prostoru.
Vidim po tvom vrtu da se volis brinuti o njemu.
Zasto pises na engleskom?




GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet !
What a great idea .. we can always use more garden information .. I'm falling for Alpines again .. so that link will be interesting to see .. as soon as we get a rain day and I stop running around in circles ? .. big project today (I'm sure some naughty words will fly from me .. hubby is more patient than I am ) .. the metal arbor with gate .. scary .. sinking railway ties in the ground for the base to attach it to ..pictures in a few days ?
Good luck with the plant hunting girl ! LOL
PS ... do you suffer from "missing time" when plants show up at your feet and you have no idea where they came from ? LOL

MARYYX said...

That's a great photo of the yellow blooms and their stalks silhouetted against the sky.

Brenda Kula said...

All beautiful! I especially like that last photo. Something about the way the yellow contrasts against the blue sky. Makes me feel nostalgic or something.

Viooltje said...

Zvrk, thanks for stopping by at my place, what a wonderful garden and home you have. A heaven on Earth. Blog on the extraordinary work you do. Cheers!

Joy, I'm going to put more links on soon, there's an awesome one tagged Well-mixed garden. Might just be the best one I came across. I too suffer from missing time all the time lol.
And yes we want some photos soon. Preferably of little Emma as well.

Marryx thanks for the visit and yes, if they weren't in my veg garden since last year, I wouldn't even know that those were Brussels sprouts blooming. lol

Brenda, true, I always like the colors of the nature just before the storm. I don't like the leftovers in my garden after the storm though. Like I said, if I didn't sow them myself, I would have mistaken those neglected Brussels sprouts for a lovely, tall perennial.

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