Sunday, 30 March 2008

Spring is here...

Our oldest cherry tree in bloom

Peach tree


Krusty lurking from the balcony


Euphorbia char. wulfenii


Gunnera manicata ( I was told it wouldn't survive our winters so I had it indoors last winter, but it was rotting and going brown all the time until I took it out in the spring; I decided to leave it outside this winter protecting it by another layer of soil and cut-out plastic demijohn to cover it ). And to my surprise and utmost happiness it's alive and kicking, and the leaves have already popped out.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. Happy Spring !
What gorgeous pictures .. I have a secret yearning for Gunnera .. the biggest one possible so I can sit crossed legged underneath it in the rain .. but alas .. I don't think that is going to happen. I'm glad it came through the winter for you : )
The Krusty looks very happy : )

Brenda Kula said...

That cat photo is absolutely precious! Wish I could catch my two in that kind of pose and grab the camera quick enough!

Viooltje said...

I don't expect my Gunnera ever to grow to some striking size ,but there was a guy whose G. was so huge it would cause traffic jams in front of his garden, because people stopped to wonder in shock what the hell were these huge leaves he used to park his car under.

Catching Krusty at a still moment or pose is precious. She's always on the move. On the other hand, her lethargic sister Kristy is always sleeping, it's just the thing of finding out where. ;-)

chey said...

Wonderful photos! great site you have here!

Hunde Haus said...

What was it that Krusty was so entranced by?

Beautiful cat. great photos!

Viooltje said...

She spotted a nest with baby blackbirds up the pine tree but the Daddy Blackbird was attacking Krusty and buzzing around her head all day, so she decided to keep a distance and just lurk from the balcony. I hope it stays that way too. Every year I save a dozen of nestlings, but sadly some of them usually end up as cat toys.

VP said...


I know it's Off Topic, but our choir started learning Plovi Barko' this week. We're singing it in Croatian and will be performing it at Stourhead, a very famous garden in the UK next month :)

Viooltje said...

Wow that's wonderful. I don't know which is better, the choir singing there or the amazing place that it is. Or both. And 'Plovi barko' is one of old dalmatian 'klapa' songs. If you're lucky you can hear klapas singing them every summer in medieval towns along the Adriatic coast, such as Dubrovnik . I wish I could come and listen, I love listening to live choir performances, especially outdoors, but have never witnessed any in such beautiful gardens as Stourhead itself.

VP said...

Hi - thanks for the additional information about 'Plovi Barko'. It's great to know a bit more about the songs we're singing - I'm off to find out more about klapas...

VP said...

Hi Viooltje - thanks for putting me onto Klapa music. It seems the aims of this kind of music - friendship, harmony singing etc. echo exactly what our choir's all about.

When we sing Plovi Barko, I've always got a very strong picture of us singing on a mellow medieval wall overlooking the sea at sunset. Dubrovnik perhaps?

I sent your comment to our choir master - he loved what you said :) I've sent him links I found on Google about Klapa singing - so who knows? We may do some more in the future.

Viooltje said...

Well, since you mentioned it, I've got the same accompanying vision of Klapa music. Plovi barko is a lovely song, but there's so many more equally or even more beautiful. I believe whoever gets in touch with that dulcet sound of music will never be indifferent towards it again.

Lucia said...

Hello Viooltje, your blog and pictures are special! I did a post about Gunneras in Brazil. Take care, are in danger of extinction in natural habitats.

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