Thursday, 21 February 2008

BULBing SPree

It was about time I treated myself to a shopping spree for bulbs... like a kid in a candy store I was...bulbzillions of treats just lurking from the shelves...

... of course, I got some professional help with assorting, but there was a hidden agenda to it all: detect Catnip seeds!

--> some bulbs we got ...

  • Gloriosa rothschildiana (Glory Lily)
    A highly exotic flower, which makes an easy climber for the conservatory, greenhouse or outdoors in a sheltered, frost-free position. A unique bulb that you are sure to want in your summer garden. Should be planted in an area with full sun and well drained soil. Multiple blooms appear in mid summer adding gorgeous color and interest. Forms tubers which can be dug and stored in colder climates.
  • Ismene festalis (Spider Lilly) Known as the Peruvian daffodil, this bulb is both unusual and beautiful. May be started indoors and planted outside in mid-May. This flower is known for their unique design and fragrance. These 4-inch flowers are borne atop 2-foot, leafless flower stalks in midsummer. Each stem may hold 2 to 5 flowers, which are white with green stripes. The leaves are straplike and may be up to 2 ft long.
  • Saponaria ocymoides (Soapwort)
    Excellent ground cover or rock-garden plant with semi- evergreen foliage covered with pink star-shaped flowers. Compact with a spreading habit which is ideal for banks or terraces. Prefers full sun to very light shade. Needs well-drained soil to ensure that it overwinters successfully. A trailing perennial growing 4–10 inches tall. Cut back after flowering to keep plant compact.
  • Nerine bowdenii Commonly known as either nerine or Cape flower, Nerine bowdenii is a native of South Africa. The name of the genus refers to the Nereids, or sea-nymphs, of Greek mythology. Bulbous perennial with strap shaped leaves and graceful clusters of funnel shaped deep pink flowers. It flowers outdoors from September to early November, depending on temperature and site, with stems 30cm-50cm (12in-20in) tall. The flowers are long-lasting in the garden and keep going when cut for indoor decoration. The strap-like leaves emerge after flowering and survive the winter undamaged. A breathtaking plant, especially on a dull autumn day.

  • Damn ! No Catnip !

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